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Hackathon: Understand What Corporate Hacking Is in 3 Minutes | Momenday

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Corporate Hacking’? Probably hacking, corporate security crises, and so on. The introduction of Corporate Hacking in this article will defy your traditional conceptions!

It may seem like a provocative term, but the idea behind is a corporate culture that emphasizes innovation and aims to change processes that are generally considered unchangeable and meaningless.

Unlike true hacking and sabotage, corporate hacking is beneficial for business. It respects the business’s core values by strengthening the initiative of employees to break the corporate framework and do things differently and empowering management to make them feel respected. This greatly helps to build a good corporate culture.

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In addition, let's learn about the main 3 factors that corporate hacking has on changing corporate culture!

In addition to technology, corporate hacking revolves around corporate culture, bringing digital transformation into the change and enhancing the innovative culture of the corporate.

2. Breaking through the shackles of the traditional corporate culture

Corporate Hacking has become a symbol of corporate culture, breaking the inherent concept of hacking and leading innovation with a pioneering attitude.

3. Hackers’ Dominance

Employee-led corporate hacking promotes work efficiency through actions, behaviors, and words. For example, rejecting unnecessary work, presenting more visually diverse productions beyond documents, and seeking feedback.

Corporate Hacking helps to innovate corporate and employee culture, and there are a few golden rules for successful implementation in the next article.

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