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[SME Must Know] 4 Benefits for Corporates that Doing Community Engagement

There are different ways to practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that can benefit your business through community engagement. Small and medium-sized businesses can fulfill their CSR by getting involved in their local communities and making a positive impact on them. Here are four benefits of community involvement in CSR for SMEs.

1. Increase Corporate Visibility

This is the age of corporate social responsibility and community involvement is an opportunity to spread brand awareness. By helping the community through community outreach and promoting your employees' participation in community events, your business can be better known, helping to strengthen the connection between your business or organization and the community, raising awareness, attracting new customers, and building a positive reputation. Momenday enhances the connection between your business or organization and the community, and make your brand values more visible to the public.

2. Building Trust with the Community

Today's consumers want to see that businesses care about more than just making money, and society's attitude toward businesses generally tends to be profit-oriented, resulting in a lot of trust issues between consumers and businesses. Engaging in community outreach shows consumers that your business has an attitude and that your business cares about the local community while making a profit. By taking local community involvement seriously, businesses can communicate that they care about their community and build trust.

3. Build Alliances with Other Local Companies

Community involvement connects companies with neighboring services and retailers that provides opportunities for alliance building, thereby strengthening the local business economy. A community with strong business ties offers potential business opportunity for mutual benefit. Momenday can assist your business to practice CSR by re-innovating your branding solutions in CSR and SDGs.

4. Foster Staff Development and Team Cohesion

Participating in community outreach activities allows employees to use their work-related skills to be more effective in their roles. Such role in the company can be applied not only to work, but also to community involvement. Momenday focuses on teamwork and collaboration in the workplace to enhance your team cohesiveness, and creates a variety of team building activities to help you effectively motivate your employees and increase cohesion among your team.

Momenday - Your professional and innovative event planner

Momenday provides you with unique and professional event planning service with a variety of events with CSR and SDGs features, from environmental, social and governance aspects, we help your company to fulfill CSR and make efforts for yourself, the environment and society. Momenday helps you achieve your sustainability and business goals one step at a time.


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