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Hackathon: 5 Examples of Corporate Hackathon Practicing Creative SDGs | Momenday

Have you ever thought about how corporate hackathons can help promote sustainability? The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), announced by the United Nations in 2015, are a set of 17 core objectives that corporates can implement to improve their corporate image. Corporate hackathons are designed to bring innovation to sustainability. Come and learn about five sustainability-themed hackathons by local and international corporates!

Corporate hackathons are often held by major overseas corporates such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. When it comes to sustainability-themed hackathons, we have to mention these three companies.

1. PayPal

In 2013, PayPal held a ‘Battle Hack’ in 14 cities, inviting programmers to work with a team to solve a local social problem using the PayPal Application Programming Interface (API) within a day. The winner of this hackathon developed an app that allowed PayPal donations to local dog shelters' veterinary fees and alleviate the high cost of veterinary care at the shelters.

2. Amazon

This year Amazon hosts the ‘Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) Global Hackathon 2022’, inviting creative minds from around the world to use Amazon's cloud services and ASDI data. The data includes water data, weather observations and forecasts, climate prediction data, air quality data, satellite imagery, and ocean prediction data. Participants are asked to propose a hackathon innovation program that will help realize one of the SDGs.

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3. Accenture

In 2021, Accenture launched ‘Hack for Good Accenture’, an online hackathon that invited Australian IT, engineering, math, science, business, or creative arts students to collaborate on creating a breakthrough technology solution. The target problem is provided by one of these organizations: Save the Children, Prince’s Trust Australia, Pollinate Group, and Autism Awareness.

Not only can large foreign corporations stay sustainable, but local corporates and NGOs can also contribute to the sustainability of innovation through hackathons.


Since 2021, the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme has launched the ‘SMART Community Hackathon’ for local secondary school students. In 2022, the hackathon will be held again, focusing on the three themes of ‘physical and mental health’, ‘future skills’, and ‘green living’, to help disadvantaged groups and enhance community resilience.

5. Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

This year, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, a social service organization, joined hands with InnoEdge Limited to organize a creative hackathon. The theme was about the social issue of elderly care, entitled ‘How to strengthen the support network for independent living of the elderly left behind’. It aimed to utilize the design thinking of young people to conceive innovative elderly services.

These are five local and foreign corporates and organizations that have used hackathons to promote sustainable development. In fact, not only large corporates but also SMEs and even NGOs can work together on SDGs to develop innovative technologies.

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