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Bridge your business and social needs
to create shared values

Momenday vision and philosophy of business solution on SDGs and goods.

Create Shared Values

Momenday is committed to helping industrial leaders, experts, and corporates to engage the local community and achieve their sustainability and business objectives. We advocate win-win innovative event and branding solutions to bridge the business needs and social needs and thus create shared values that both lead positive changes, throughout promoting the application of sustainable development goals(SDGs) for better world of living. 


As a Global Training Parter of Imacocollabo from Japan in UNSDGs Advocacy and registered member of HKSIE Fund- Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund, our expertise in Social Innovation has become one of the most powerful assets in high SROI management. We also maintain a very close relationship of our multiple 200+ local networks of diverse SMEs, campaign providers, social enterprises and NGOs to form a ecosystem of social goods in Hong Kong.

Momenday hearts on society with multiple local network supporting
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HK First SMEs x SDGs Search Engines

With the supports of the Social Innovation Fund(SIE Fund), Momenday in 2022 launched MomendayX and has been actively discovering local brands and social enterprises in Hong Kong. It allows us to bring together the richest and most necessary data and expertise which enable us to work with increasing flexibility to deliver a full range of powerful and innovative branding solutions as well as superior results.

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