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Company Pride : 4 Ways to Build a Gender-Inclusive Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has become a new era for companies to develop, and one of the issues that deserves attention is gender inclusion. In Hong Kong, initiatives to support sexual minorities are still developing, and many of the companies supporting the LGBTQ+ community are large international corporations, while SMEs also have the ability to express their acceptance of sexual minorities. According to statistics, the global spending power of the LGBT consumer community is estimated at $3.9 trillion, and the Asian market is growing rapidly, with an estimated LGBT population of nearly 75 million people over the age of 15 in China.

In this article, we will introduce 4 aspects of Hong Kong companies' initiatives to create a sexually diverse population, which are worthy of reference for companies to gradually show their support and respect to their colleagues and groups.

1. Issue Public Statements (acceptance/non-discrimination)

2. Participate Associations

3. Provide assistance

4. Cultivate an inclusive workplace

1. Issue Public Statements

Research shows that employees feel challenged to express their sexual orientation. Only a small percentage of both senior and frontline employees are willing to openly state their sexual orientation. Under the cloud of discrimination, women are 20% less likely to voice out or declare (express their sexual orientation) than male colleagues. Therefore, companies can openly express their attitude towards LGBTQ+, such as accepting sexual minorities and eliminating all workplace discrimination. Sexual minorities could embrace fear and understand that their company is willing to support them. That enhances their sense of security.

Many large multinational corporations have publicly expressed their view on gender inclusion. For examples,

  • Swire Group: The company has established the Swire Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, which lists its goals and actions online.

  • Starbucks: CEO Howard Schultz publicly supported the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. in 2012.

  • Apple Inc.: CEO Tim Cook declared his homosexuality in 2019.

  • My Place, a Hong Kong-based social enterprise: It provides diversified sexual health support services from a professional perspective for people of different sexual orientations.

2. Participate Associations

There are associations focused on sexual minority rights in different regions, and businesses can show their support by joining or donating to them. In 2020, 41 companies in Hong Kong responded to the call of the "Equality Love" campaign to support the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Hong Kong. Here are some of the examples of supportive minority associations in Hong Kong.

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3. Provide assistance

Research has found that sexual minority employees have experienced discrimination, microaggressions, or ostracism, and some have even had their promotion opportunities jeopardized by being declared their sexual orientation. Therefore, companies could formulate and protect the welfare and rights of their sexual minority colleagues and, at the same time, educate employees to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Providing education: In 2021, Community Business is hosting an LGBT+ mentoring program to share the expertise to corporate leaders in creating an LGBT+ friendly workplace

  • Providing health benefits/protection: HSBC Insurance has expanded the definition of beneficiaries of its life insurance products to include cohabiting and non-cohabiting partners and same-sex couples, among other relationships, and to provide inclusive and accessible insurance solutions. HSBC has also partnered with AIDS Concern to offer free self-testing kits.

4. Cultivate an inclusive workplace

Starting from the shaping inclusive company culture and environment, creates a more diversified and friendly working environment for the sexual minority employees, to increase their job satisfaction, and to ensure that they feel safe and respected in the company, and can perform and be treated equally.

  • Company Facilities

Eaton Hong Kong that focuses on gender-inclusive issues, had host an "LGBTQ Forum" in 2018 and partnered with local groups to display and sell LGBTQ children's books at lobby. It is also the sole hotel in Hong Kong to incorporate the legally required norms of unisex restrooms.

Enhancing the knowledge of inclusion and overcome prejudice by offering employee training workshops, luncheon, webinar/e-learning so as to promote communication and encourage questioning, clarify misconceptions about the LGBTQ+ community. That allow employees to overcome fears, enhance the sense of security as well as build a supportive network for sexual minority staff to reduce their feelings of isolation. The implementation of policy and welfare can show company's support to the sexual minority staff, such as equal treatment of all policies and benefits, family leave policies, health insurance coverage for hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgery for employees seeking transition, and access to human resources systems and documents that include all genders and pronouns.

  • Celebrations

Many companies hold Pink Friday events to celebrate and connect with colleagues - the most common ways that companies in Hong Kong support the LGBTQ+ community. Some hotels also launched celebration/events on Pride Month in June, and the money received will be donated to organizations that support sexual minorities, such as Rainbow Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Marriage Equality, etc. Microsoft also held a three-hour "Together, we can" event on YouTube during Pride Month 2021.


There are many programs that support gender inclusion in the workplace and protect the rights of sexual minority employees, from open support to implement measures to protect employees. Companies can also take advantage of their own strengths and cultural characteristics to introduce their own inclusive measures to reduce discrimination or unequal treatment of gender minority employees and create a more friendly, diverse and equal work environment.

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